Constabal Murdo

Constabal Murdo


Angus Peter Campbell

ISBN: 9781912147496

Binding: paperback

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Shortlisted for The Donald Meek Award 2018

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About this book:

A precious golden souvenir has disappered from Kisimul Castle, Barra. The historic brooch was given as a gift by the Chief of Clanranald to MacNeil of Barra in the 16th century. Or perhaps it was treasure found from a shipwrecked galleon from the Spanish Armada...

The local constable, PC Murdo, set outs to find 'who dunnit'. He has seven suspects, but in his search for the truth of the theft discovers that suspicion and prejudice make poor detectives. Help comes from smart officers from the mainland, whose most difficult challenge is Murdo himself.

In this short, humorous novel mystery and psychology are lightly mixed, revealing that folk’s actions and characters are as contradictory as they are complex. PC Murdo would find himself at home in both Whisky Galore and Para Handy. Constabal Murdo is a compassionate examination of how attitudes predicate actions which make or break communities.