Book Launch: The Guga Stone

The Guga Stone: Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda is a new book from author Donald S Murray and illustrator Douglas Robertson, where vivid prose is interspersed with poetry and illustrations, creating a colourful and insightful fictionalisation of life on remote St Kilda.

The Guga Stone is written in the Hebridean spirit of winding up the visitor, adding a new layer to the legends that have built up around the island of St Kilda.  Murray expertly weaves fact with fiction and prose with poetry, leaving it up to the reader what is – and is not – to be believed.

The book is accompanied by 45 beautiful, evocative, illustrations throughout from Douglas Robertson. The artwork from the book is on exhibition at John Muir’s Birthplace in Dunbar until 25th July.

BBC Alba attended the launch with a feature appearing on the Gaelic news (An Là) on Friday evening.

In addition, we also filmed the majority of the launch ourselves, so feel free to have a watch of any of the readings or discussions below to get more of a feel for the book.

Thanks go to Waterstones Inverness, Donald S Murray, Douglas Robertson and our psalm singers for such a wonderful evening. We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the evening, and the very rare opportunity to get a copy of the book signed by both Donald and Douglas together.

The Guga Stone: Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda is available from Luath Press and all good bookshops.

Watch clips of the Guga Stone launch on Luath's YouTube playlist