Whisky Legends of Islay

Whisky Legends of Islay


Robin Laing

ISBN: 9781906817114

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

This witty and diverting book, from musician and whisky expert Robin Laing, captivates the reader with folklore and history reflecting aspects of Islay life, all relating back to whisky.

Simultaneously entertaining, comforting and informative, Laing uses narrative and lyric to examine the relationship between the islanders of Islay and whisky. When grouped together as a whole, the various anecdotes, poems and songs beautifully illustrate the importance that whisky plays in the lives of the people of Islay, but also of how it has shaped their history.


A fine addition to every whisky library, the book is a testament to a very special aspect of whisky.   Celtic Spirit Whisky Journal, on The Whisky Muse

There might be other guide books about Scotland in general and Speyside in particular, there might be other books about Scottish whisky - but forget them, you only need this.   Folkworld on The Whisky River