The Old Grey Magician

The Old Grey Magician


A Scottish Fionn Cycle

George Macpherson

ISBN: 9781910745410

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Fionn Cycle: A loose collection of tales originating in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man which surround hunter-warrior leader Fionn, his band of men and his poet son, Ossian.

Old Grey Magician: A mystical, morally ambivalent figure who appears throughout Celtic mythology; in Ireland he is the Dark Druid, and often he appears as a seabird. The shapeshifting sorcerer is a thorn in Fionn’s side, solving impossible problems but always asking too much in return.

George W Macpherson has been telling the traditional tales of Fionn and the Fianna for years, artfully drawing in audiences with his storytelling talent. Gathered from sources all over the country and occasionally beyond, and collected here for the first time, the Old Grey Magician’s exploits offer a fascinating insight into the traditions of Scotland and the development of oral storytelling. Introduced and situated in physical and literary history by Donald Smith, this collection reminds us of the importance of retaining the stories that shaped us.

Praise for Highland Myths and Legends:

The mythical and the legendary – this is the stuff of stories and storytellers, an age-old tradition. Celtic heroes, fairies, Druids, Silkies, sea horses, giants, magicians, Vikings… all feature in this collection of Scottish tales, the like of which were told round camp fires centuries ago.   Scots Magazine, July 2002