Speakin o Dundee

Speakin o Dundee


Stuart McHardy

ISBN: 9781906817251

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

There hae been fowk livin on an aroun Dundee Law fer thousans o years, an it his aye been a place o significance. An thru aw thae years ae thing we cin be shair wis constant: the tellin o stories. - STUART McHARDY

Stuart McHardy retells the folklore and local legends of Dundee alongside anecdotes about local people and history. We hear tales of dragons slain, dockyard heroes, encounters with ghosts and, of course, William Wallace. Dundee has a rich history of legends and folktales passed down through the ages. McHardy seamlessly blends these stories with those of the modern Dundee of the last 200 years - tales of industry, myth and times gone by are retold through McHardy's wonderfully dry sense of humour.