Writing in the Sand

Writing in the Sand


Angus Dunn

ISBN: 9781905222476

Binding: paperback

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Shortlisted for the Saltire Society's First Book Award

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Back cover text:

On the tip of the Dark Isle, lies the tranquil fishing village of Cromness, where the normal round of dominoes matches, meetings of the Ladies' Guild and twice-daily netting of salmon continues as it has always done. But all is not well. Down on the beach, an old man rakes the sand, looking for clues to the future. The patterns show him the harmony of the universe, but they also show him that there is something wrong in Cromness. Strange things are beginning to happen. Because this is no ordinary island. Centuries ago, so it is said, the Celtic gods and goddesses took refuge here. Now, behind the walls of the world, there are restless stirring sounds. Mist descends. Strange animals move through the fog, turnip fields disappear and the fishing fleet begin to blockade the island. As the islanders prepare to celebrate the famed Dark Isle Show, the moment of Truth approaches. Soon everyone is drawn into the struggle against the shadows that threaten the Dark Isle. But is anyone truly aware of the scale of events? And who will prevail?


A cross between High Road and Dr Who, with a hefty dose of League of Gentlemen thrown in for surreal good measure.  The Press & Journal

A bold, confident debut, packed to the gunnels with memorable characters and wry humor.   The List

Monty Python meets James Bond... the book is a grand read.   Northwords Now

Fantastic book! I kept thinking I knew where it was going, then it didn't go there.   DJ Hooker Barbie

Funny, imaginative, thrilling and charming, with a colourful cast of unforgettable characters and a page-turning plot that had me gripped to the very last page.  The Press & Journal

Pitching the mysterious smalltown worlds created by the likes of Daphne Du Maurier and David Lynch into the Highlands... a spooky debut story about shape-shifters and parallel universes.   The List

Alternates from huge energetic sweeps of narrative to very fine and simple descriptions of the place he loves... Dunn gives full reign to the humour, in its own right. He has a close affinity with Monty Python. I often laughed out loud. - NORTHINGS