The Tar Factory

The Tar Factory


Alan Kelly

ISBN: 9781842820506

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Crazy D had planted the idea in Mad Dog's head. Slice yer leg off, accident like, an it's worth forty gran. But crazy D bottled it and Mad Dog he lost his happy-head-had to go elsewhere for his forty Gs, didn't he? Least he still had his leg but. Of course when Denzo Doom minced ma hand with the gulley motor he called me 'buddy', thought I had bigger balls than a West African elephant. It was only a fuck-up. So how does Tarman make a few extra bob for the boozer? Ah'm warning you it's not pretty. Gang Bangs bribery and scams, this is some story.


Unpretentious, human, moving and funny. Alan Kelly gives us a man with true grit and a real practical morality. Mad Dog protects the underdog but beware those who misuse their power. This deserves to sell more copies than Trainspotting. The Tar Factory is fuckin magic. A surprise hunner quid Giro on a wet Tuesday in February.   Des Dillon