Testament of a Witch

Testament of a Witch

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Douglas Watt

ISBN: 1st edition - 9781908373212; 2nd edition - 9781913025281

Binding: paperback

1st edition in stock [2nd edition not yet published]

Expected release, November 2019

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I confess that I am a witch. I have sold myself body and soul unto Satan. My mother took me to the Blinkbonny Woods where we met other witches. I put a hand on the crown of my head and the other on the sole of my foot. I gave everything between unto him.

1687 . The nation is gripped by fear of witches and hunts are taking place all over the country. In Edinburgh, a young woman is accused of witchcraft, tortured with pins and sleep deprivation.

As John MacKenzie and his assistant Davie Scougall investigate her suspicious death, they find themselves in a village overwhelmed by superstition, resentment and puritanical religion. In this time of spiritual, political and social upheaval, will reason allow MacKenzie to reveal the true evil lurking in the town, before the witch-hunt claims yet another victim?

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