Six Black Candles

Six Black Candles


Des Dillon

ISBN: 9781906307493

Binding: paperback 

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Back cover text:

Caroline's husband abandons her (bad move) for Stacie Gracie, his assistant at the meat counter, and incurs more wrath than he anticipated. Caroline, her five sisters, mother and granny, all with a penchant for witchery, invoke the lethal spell of the Six Black Candles. A natural reaction to the break up of a marriage?

Set in present day Irish Catholic Coatbridge, Six Black Candles is bound together by the ropes of traditional storytelling and the strength of female familial relationships. Bubbling under the cauldron of superstition, witchcraft and religion is the heat of revenge; and the love and venom of sisterhood.


A darkly humorous and satanic fictional brew... written in vivid demonic style... with punchy directness and enormous brio.   Scotland on Sunday

Hilarious.   The Mirror

The author's humanity and the sense of real hardship are what make the novel.   The Big Issue

Entertaining and thought-provoking.   Time Out Moscow

A bitingly witty, funny novel from Des Dillon.   Cosmopolitan (Russia)