Ann Kelley

ISBN: 9781910021163

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

As mankind strives to rebuild society in the wake of climate change, over-population and global food shortages, every day is a struggle for people like Sid and his younger sister Lo. They are ‘runners’- people whose very survival the government has outlawed. As they move west, trying to find family or somewhere they can call home, they must work out which of the people they meet on the way can be trusted, and which want to cut their adventure short. Encountering people on both sides of the law, as well as those who seem to exist outside it, Sid and Lo make and lose friends as they fight for their lives and each other.


Tough, tense and moving... Runners dramatises a society with its back to the wall, which has shucked off any pretence of caring for the weak and vulnerable. It’s a disturbing and compulsive read that makes you realise that not so very much needs to change for this to happen here.   Helen Dunmore

Kelley... creates very vivid and engaging young characters.   Kate Saunders, The Times