Des Dillon

ISBN: 9781905222759

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Three men from Coatbridge set out for Italy to find a monk reputed to possess healing powers in order to help psychiatrically disturbed Jimmy Brogan. However, when they arrive on the mountain, they find that healing isn't that easy to come by. This is a funny, provocative story of redemption. As the characters learn that the monastery cannot provide sanctuary from Jimmy's past, they are all challenged to face their own lives. "Monks" was originally published by Hodder as "The Big Q".


Not just about racism or bigotry or an antiquated sense of male power - Dillen wants to pummel language too, and religion and the identity of the individual into the bargain. That he holds on to the big questions without losing the humanity of his hero is a trick Dillon manages with a magician's dexterity.   The Scotsman on Monks (first published as The Big Q)