Last Days in Eden

Last Days in Eden


Ann Kelley

ISBN: 9781910021279

Binding: hardback

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An innocent adrift in a world ripped apart by greed and want...

The year is 2137, but the people of Eden are reduced to living in medieval fashion. The human race is deeply divided and the world has been brought to its knees by the Oil Wars and rising sea levels.

Flora is trying to hold on to her humanity as her world changes forever.

Costa Award winning author Ann Kelley’s disturbing vision of the future has much to say about our own times.


It’s a disturbing, compulsive read that makes you realise that not so very much needs to shift for this to happen here.  Helen Dunmore on Runners

The author as artist evokes people and places with delicacy, humour and truth – a novel of outstanding beauty.  Costa Award Judges on The Bower Bird