Help Me Rhonda

Help Me Rhonda


Alan Kelly

ISBN: 9781905222834

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

Sonny Jim McConaughy is no stranger to trouble. He blackmails his lawyer, scams the insurance company, drinks, takes drugs and sleeps around. However, Sonny Jim has stumbled into more trouble than even he can handle, waking up to find himself accused of attempted murder with no memory of the previous drunken night. So his girlfriend Rhonda, determined to stop him destroying them both, pits herself against him in a desperate battle of attrition. A book to make you laugh and cringe throughout, filled with grit, realism, dark humour and a hilarious cast of misfits.


Unpretentious, human, moving and funny. Alan Kelly gives us a man with true grit...This deserves to sell more copies than Trainspotting.  Des Dillon