Animal Lover

Animal Lover


Raymond Friel

ISBN: 9781908373724

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Tonight. Tonight is all that matters. Every thing else, all this, neon lights and the smell of disinfectant and dead chickens, don’t let it get to you, Danny. Baked beans, not a problem. On the shelf they go. Super Danny. By day, a quiet supermarket shelf stacker, but by night... Well. It didn’t quite work out the way I’d planned. My first attempt at animal liberation was a disaster. It was all going so well until... Well, I guess you’ll find out. But after that night, everything started to spiral out of control. Everyone at work was out to get me for something or other. The woman I loved was becoming more extreme by the day. My ratio of animals saved versus animals killed was changing rapidly. And not in the direction I wanted it to. Super Danny? Not quite. Not even close. It’s treble or nothing time, and next week, the circus is coming to town.


An entertaining romp that challenges your preconceptions of a world often steeped in mystery.  Jonathon Whitelaw, The Sun