An Experiment in Compassion

An Experiment in Compassion


Des Dillon

ISBN: 9781906817732

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

Stevie's just out of jail. Newly sober and building a relationship with his son, he's taking control of his own life. But what about his younger brother, Danny?

In this touching and darkly funny story of retribution and forgiveness, Stevie battles against the influences that broke him before, while Danny and his girlfriend spiral further into self-destruction. Can the bond between the two brothers be enough to give them both a fresh start?

Cycles of alcohol abuse affect individuals, families and communities. For each person who tries to break away, there are innumerable pressures forcing them back into familiar patterns. And for those that can't escape, that are fated to make the same choices again and again - can we still feel compassion?


…one of the most effortlessly charming books I've read in a long time.  The Scottish Review of Books on My Epileptic Lurcher 

Simultaneously hilarious and touching, morose and vividly energetic.  The Herald on Monks

The writing is always truthful, immediate and powerful.  Scotland on Sunday on Six Black Candles