Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison at Poverty Safari Live, Fringe 2018, pic by Stewart Wright.jpg

Ellie Harrison was born in the London borough of Ealing in 1979. She moved north to study Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in 1998. In 2008 she continued northwards to do a Masters at Glasgow School of Art and has been living in Glasgow ever since. She has previously described herself as an artist and activist, and as ‘a political refugee escaped from the Tory strongholds of Southern England’. In 2009 she founded Bring Back British Rail, the national campaign for the public ownership of our railways. As a result of thinking globally and acting locally during The Glasgow Effect in 2016, she is now involved in several local projects and campaigns aimed at making Glasgow a more equal, sustainable and connected city.

You can learn more about Ellie, her current and past projects on her website.

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