Dramatic Interpretations of the Life and Art of Robert Burns

John Cairney

ISBN: 9781906817725

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The overall impression gained in studying Burns' work as a whole is that, given the brevity of his life, it is extraordinary not that he wrote so much, but that so much of it was good. JOHN CAIRNEY

Burnscripts is a collection of dramatic scripts by John Cairney interpreting the life and works of Robert Burns.

Cairney, as actor, author and scriptwriter, has been connected professionally with Robert Burns for nearly half a century. He has performed as Burns all over the world and consequently knows him better than most.

This personal exploration of Burns' life and work in performance helps to build a fuller picture of the poet and is an insightful celebration of one of Scotland's most important cultural icons.


Cairney's performance is much more than a tour de force...a posture of virility under sentence of death. You can believe in such a man.  The Times

With no apparent effort and endless resource, a fine performance.  The Guardian

John Cairney's performance of Robert Burns is a masterly rendering of marvellous material.  New Statesman