A Gray Play Book

A Gray Play Book

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Alasdair Gray

ISBN: paperback - 9781906307912; hardback signed deluxe edition - 9781906817138

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Back cover text:

Long and short plays for stage, radio and television, acted between 1956 & 2009, an unperformed opera libretto, excerpts from The Lanark Storyboard and full film script of the novel Poor Things by Alasdair Gray.


Over fifty years’ worth of Alasdair Gray’s dramatic works appear in the hugely enjoyable A Gray Play Book...
Fans of Gray’s self-termed ‘comic fantasies’ will also enjoy the candid prefaces that explain how each play was written and produced.  Scottish Review of Books

Table of contents:

1944 The Cave of Polyphemus
1956 Jonah - a puppet play in five scenes
1966 The Fall of Kelvin Walker - a fable of the sixties
1968 Quiet People - a play for voices
1969 Mavis Belfrage - a romance of the sixties

1971 Dialogue
1973 Homeward Bound
1973 Loss of the Golden Silence
1973 Sam Lang and Miss Watson

1973 The Man Who Knew About Electricity
1975 McGrotty and Ludmilla - a political pantomime
1975 Near the Driver - a one act play for voices
1975 The Golden Key - a 30-minute radio verse play
1976 The Rumpus Room - an opera libretto
1984 Lanark - extract from storyboard of film script
1985 The Story of a Recluse - a television script
1993 Poor Things - a film script
1997 Working Legs - a play for people without them

2006 Goodbye Jimmy
2007 Midgieburgers
2007 The Pipes! The Pipes!
2008 Voices in the Dark

2008 Goethe's Faust - the start of a modern adaptation