David R. Ross

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The Glasgow-born historian David R. Ross has always had a passion for Scotland, its landscapes, its traditions and its history. Every free moment is spent on his motorcycle stravaiging around historic sites, battlefields and castles exploring the spots where the great and not so great Scots of history stood. His works ‘On the Trail of… Wallace, Bruce and Bonnie Prince Charlie’ have the exact proportion of unconventional and unashamed patriotism, highlighting the freedom and independence Wallace, Bruce and others fought so hard to win. There is nothing wrong with academic history books, it’s just that David Ross is not one to sit on the fence. He would rather jump down hard on one side of it, and probably, being a Scot, he would land with squelch. In his latest book ‘A Passion for Scotland’ David has uncovered rare items of Scots provenance in Europe and rediscovered much of Scotland’s lost history. He deplores the loss of Scots culture now rapidly fading into dull universal conformity, but at the same time the book has a new refreshing look at Scotland’s past and its impact on the present is enlightening, making Scottish history accessible and understandable for the casual reader.

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