David Campbell

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David Campbell was born in Edinburgh and spent his childhood in the story-and song-rich North-East of Scotland where he acquired a lifelong passion for poetry and the power of the spoken word.  He graduated with Honours in English from the University of Edinburgh.  He then worked with BBC Radio Scotland for many years devising, scripting and directing a wide variety of radio programmes.  He has also reviewed books and drama extensively in the Scottish press and has published poems and short stories in the Scottish literary magazines Chapman, Words and Textualities.  He co-wrote the children’s book The Three Donalds (Scottish Children’s Press, 1996), wrote two collections of stories – Tales to tell I & II (St Andrews Press, 1986 and 1994) and Out of the Mouth of the Morning  (Luath Press, 2009).  He is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s finest storytellers as a popular ambassador of Scottish lore and literature, he has toured worldwide with his repertoire of talks and stories.  He currently lives in Edinburgh.

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