Why Gardens Matter

Why Gardens Matter


Joanna Geyer-Kordesch

ISBN: 9781912147946

Binding: Hardback

Not yet published

Expected publication, November 2019

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About this book:

So many gardening books tell you what to plant and where and when. But how often do they tell you to just sit and enjoy them? And when you do, you can find yourself thinking of things in a different way. 

With an exceptional academic career in natural history and medicine, writer Joanna Geyer-Kordesch found ‘reflection, consolation and healing’ in the soothing, healing powers of gardens after suffering from a major stroke. Sharing profound reflections on how gardening has helped her regenerate, Why Gardens Matter is as enlightening as it is inspirational. With contributions from Donald Smith, this is a powerful plea for us to reflect on our gardens and to acknowledge the life-affirming values of our green spaces. 

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