The Unbroken Tradition

The Unbroken Tradition


or The Irish Rebellion of 1916

Nora Connolly

ISBN: 9781910745496

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

This is a new publication of The Unbroken Tradition by activist and writer Nora Connolly, first published in 1918.

Connolly shares her first-hand experience of the events leading up to the well-known Easter Week Irish revolution in 1916.

Connolly shared the Republican and Socialist visions of her father, James Connelly, and was at the heart of the revolution that aimed to free Ireland. She offers a very vivid description of Ireland in 1916 and of what it meant to be Irish and under English oppression.

Through her compelling writing, Connolly gives the reader an eye opening view of what she describes as ‘the real reasons’ behind the Irish antagonism towards England in the years that preceded World War One, by giving a thorough, personal and vivid account of the Easter Rising.