The Scotch Professors

The Scotch Professors


John Cairney

ISBN: 9781912147465

Binding: paperback

Not yet published

Expected publication: October 2019

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About this book:

Cairney tells stories that relate to every football fan: A few Glaswegians spending every Saturday (their day-off) in Queen’s Park playing ‘foot ball’ and eventually founding the first football club of Scotland, a club that exists to this day. The Scotch Professors takes you back to simpler time, where only six rules were to follow on a football field and the crossbar was just a string. Where a small Scottish football club was recognised as the ‘World Champion’, as they were the Scottish Cup Winners and won the game against the English Cup Winners, the only other country that had football clubs. Cairney invites you to explore the roots and history of football, the important role Scotland had in all of it (and still has today) as well as the passion shared by so many people all around the globe.