The Girl on the Ferryboat CD

The Girl on the Ferryboat CD


Angus Peter Campbell

ISBN: 9781910745441

Binding: CD-Audio

Not yet released

Expected release: December 2018

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Maybe it had just been a matter of time: had we had more time, what we would or could have achieved, together. Had we actually met that first time round, how different things might have been. The world we would have painted. Had we really loved each other, we would never have separated.

It was a long hot summer… A chance encounter on a ferry leads to a lifetime of regret for misplaced opportunities.

Beautifully written and vividly evoked, The Girl on the Ferryboat is a mirage of recollections looking back to the haze of one final prelapsarian summer on the Isle of Mull.


exceptionally good novel. It is among the best pieces of narrative literary fiction to have emerged from Scotland in the 21st century, in any language... an extraordinary achievement, by the increasingly excellent and adventurous Luath Press... and by Angus Peter himself... beautifully written... [can] be read simply as a love story... the gorgeous bittersweet tone...   Review on Books

Scotland will play host to a literary first later this month with the simultaneous publication of a novel in both English and Gaelic.  Scotland on Sunday

APC says I wrote them both simultaneously in the sense that I would write bits in one language then either do the same again – but differently – in the other language, or write a bit in one language then move on to write the next bit in the other language.   Scotland on Sunday

APC says Like a jigsaw or a zig-zag, one field of language would often then open up a surprising and unexpected gate into the other language. I think that in itself provided a dynamism which was very interesting.   Scotland on Sunday

APC said that his biggest challenge was “making sure that nothing was a mere wooden translation from one language to the other."   Scotland on Sunday

Lyrical, digressive and ornate English.  Scotland on Sunday

Campbell’s writing [is] transcendentally beautiful… a delight in any language.   Scotland on Sunday

Unlikely but memorable love story.   Daily Mail

His novel ‘The Girl On The Ferryboat’ is one of the best of this millennium in any language.   Dear Scotland