On the Trail of Scotland's History

On the Trail of Scotland's History

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David R. Ross

ISBN: 1st edition - 9781905222858; 2nd edition - 9781913025144

Binding: paperback

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Expected release, February 2020

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About this book:

From coast to coast on a motorbike...on the trail of the people, places and events that created Scottish history. Covering moor, mountain and battleground as well as film locations and place names, this book provides an intelligent, passionate perspective on key landmarks and their significance to Scotland today. From the Vikings to the Picts, from Ossian to Bannockburn, Ross guides us on a quest to discover the essentials of Scottish history - and to find things we never knew existed.


The biker historian's unique combination of unabashed romanticism and easy irreverence make him the ideal guide to historical subjects all too easily either swallowed up in maudlin sentiment or demythologised by the academic studies.   The Scotsman

... an entertainingly outspoken companion for any inquisitive traveller round this nation...   The Herald

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