I Like A Wee Adventure

I Like A Wee Adventure


Kenneth Calman

ISBN: 9781912147588

Binding: hardback

Not yet published

Expected publication: September 2018

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About this book:

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I Like a Wee Adventure begins with a discussion of happiness and what it means to the author. This is followed by sections on Calman’s career in Clinical Medicine and Public health, then his life after medicine. There then follows a section on wider interests including the Arts and Health, Knowledge Libraries and Universities, People Pets and Places, God Faith and religion and My Scotland. There is then a final chapter on Conclusions on my own Happiness.

About the author:

Sir Kenneth Calman began his career in medicine firstly in surgery with an interest in vascular and transplant surgery. He then became Professor of Oncology at the University of Glasgow. This was followed by posts as the Chief Medical Officer in Scotland, and then in England, during which time there were a range of major health issues to be faced. He then moved to become Vice Chancellor of the University of Durham. Finally, he returned to Glasgow as Chancellor of the University in 2006. During this latter time, he was involved in a wide variety of organisations including the National Trust for Scotland, The National Cancer Research Institute, the British Library and the National Library of Scotland, and chaired a Commission on Scottish Devolution.