A Scottish Journey

A Scottish Journey


James McEnaney

ISBN: 9781912147427

Binding: paperback

Not yet published

Expected publication: August, 2018

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In 1934, Edwin Muir set off on his Scottish Journey, travelling from Edinburgh to his childhood home of Orkney. More than 80 years later, James McEnaney follows in Muir's tyre tracks. Travelling on an ailing 15 year old motorbike called Vicky, he stays with ordinary Scots who are kind enough to welcome him into their homes, tell him about their lives and share their hopes for the future.  This project is a snapshot depiction, a “confusing conglomeration”, of the Scotland experienced over ten days in the spring of 2018. In the words of Muir himself: “… this is not a survey but a bundle of impressions: not the Scottish journey, but a Scottish Journey.” McEnaney will set out to experience a country that he thought he knew, gathering his own bundle of impressions and then stitching them imperfectly together.