The Bower Bird

The Bower Bird


Ann Kelley

ISBN: 1st edition - 9781906307455; 2nd edition - 9781906307981

Binding: paperback

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Winner of the Costa Children's Award, the UK literacy Association Book Award and the 2008 Cornish Literary Guild's Literary Salver

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About this book:

Winner of the 2007 Costa award, this title continues the story of Gussie, a precocious young girl diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Despite her health problems, she is determined to live life to the fullest, experiencing typical adolescent woes such as love and strained relations with her parents. Never complaining, she offers a direct and honest insight about herself and the world around her, bringing this poignant, charming and oddly optimistic tale to life.


Brilliant.  The Mail on Sunday

I'm pleased to be able to announce that Gussie has lived to see another day with Kelley capturing so beautifully Gussie's optimism and hope.   Sue Baker's Personal Choice

The world of life and death, beauty and truth seen through the eyes of a 12 year old girl. A rare and beautiful book of lasting quality - we felt this is a voice that needs to be heard and read.   Costa Award Judges

It's a lovely book - lyrical, funny, full of wisdom. Gussie is such a dear - such a delight and a wonderful character, bright and sharp and strong, never to be pitied for an instant.    Helen Dunmore, author of 'Ingo'