Septimus Pitt and the Grumbleoids

Septimus Pitt and the Grumbleoids


Brian Whittingham

ISBN: 9781905222810

Binding: hardback

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About this book:

This collection of poems for children aged 8-14 are beautifully illustrated and have been hailed by teachers as a great introduction to poetry for children. From Mr Nobody, an unhappy spook who just wants to join the class, to the bizarre dress sense of the new teacher, or the spying and piracy that can occur in the playground in between sherbet dabs, this original collection of verse enlivens both teaching and learning poetry.


This is a rich and entertaining poetry collection that can be used as a resource that teachers would welcome in the classroom.   Maura McRobbie, Primary School Teacher, West Dumbertonshire

This collection will inspire, delight and inform all who dip into it.   Anne Wallace, Education Officer, Glasgow Museums

Brian's ability to capture experiences through sensory imagery is enhanced by the beautiful illustrations. These would keep even the most reluctant of young readers mesmerised.   Maura McRobbie