Cameron Taylor

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Cameron Taylor was born in Orkney and was brought up there and in Aberdeen. He studied History at Aberdeen University then embarked on a career in the UK Civil Service including a two year secondment at 10 Downing Street. He retained strong roots in Orkney and in 1994 was delighted to return home to become Chief Executive of Orkney Tourist Board. In 1999 he went freelance and established Seabridge Consultants, a heritage and tourism consulting business specialising in ancestral tourism developments.

Cameron first became involved in the development of ancestral tourism in Scotland when he co-founded the 1999 Orkney Homecoming, bringing 250 people of Orcadian origin back to their ancestral homeland for a series of emotional reunions. He has been a consultant to Scotland’s national AncestralScotland initiative since its inception, is master trainer for an ancestral tourism training course and has written and lectured in Scotland, the US and Canada on various aspects of Scotland’s ancestral heritage. Cameron was chairman of the Orkney Homecoming 2007.

His interest in ancestral research has brought friendship and newly discovered kinship with people all round the world. 


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