Ultimate Golfers' Collection

Ultimate Golfers' Collection

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The Art of Putting

Willie Park's transcendent manual seeks to share the methods which made him 'the best and most consistent putter in the world'. Equipment may have changed and competition become fiercer, but with Park's guidance, you too will have a fighting chance of making that all-important putt.

This guide to putting for players of all skill levels is fully illustrated, covers every aspect of putting, from grip to the lie of the green, and is a clear, concise and detailed guide to mastery of technique.

The Game of Golf

Where should you place your feet? How do you get out of a bunker? How can you take strokes off your score?

All these questions and more are answered in Willie Park's The Game of Golf. First published in 1896, it is considered a milestone in golfing history - the first book on the game by a professional - and the most reliable and thorough instruction book for golfers ever printed. The clubs and balls may have changed, but the technique and mental challenge remains the same. The opinion and tips of a legendary Open champion set out the original techniques of the game and reveal finer details that can still be applied today.

This guide to golf for players of all skill levels:

- includes a helpful glossary, diagrams and illustrations
- covers every aspect of the game, from selecting equipment, using the proper swing and grip, to playing out of hazards and the rules of golf
- is a clear, concise and detailed guide to mastery of technique.

The Nine-Holer Guide

What makes nine-hole golf so extraordinary?
What can a shorter course offer an experienced player?
How can these courses compare to the Scottish championship-level courses?

The beautiful, quiet and often little known nine-hole golf courses offer even the lowest handicap golfer a challenge and with a level of difficulty rarely found on 18 hole courses it's hardly surprising that there are even nine hole courses no one has ever played below par. 

Walk in the footsteps of golfing legends and find some surprising gems, from the prestigious nine-hole courses which hosted some of the earliest Open Championships to the more unusual, such as Harris where a renovated shipping containter acts as a clubhouse. You can even take on the giants of Gleneagles and St. Andrews and play the nine-hole layouts at these celebrated golf meccas. 

Helpfully divided into geographical areas, The Nine-Holer Guide includes statistics and contact details for each course. Learn about the history and the rare wildlife that can be seen while playing - and enjoy the unique experience of visiting Scotland's wealth of beautiful nine-hole golf courses. Whether you're the Open Champion or an occasional golfer, The Nine-Holer Guide tells you everything you need to know before you tee off.