Scottish Sayings Collection

Scottish Sayings Collection

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Haud Ma Chips, Ah've Drapped the Wean! - Glesca Grannies' Sayings, Patter and Advice

An hilarious and often wise collection of Scots saying straight from the mouths of the Grannies of Glasgow. With each snippet accompanied by a straightforward English translation, this is your introduction to the unique wisdom of the 'Glesca Granny'.

'Goanae No Dae That!' - The best of the best of those cracking Scottish sayings!

The Scots have a unique way of communicating their feelings. Their sayings are cheeky, to the point, rude and always funny. Scotland’s bestselling humour author is back with his latest collection of hilarious Scottish sayings.

‘Away an’ bile yer heid an’ mak silly soup!’
‘If you don’t behave ah’ll pawn ye an’ sell the ticket.’
‘That wan’s in everything but the Co-operative windae!’
‘If ah had your money ah wid burn ma ain.’
‘Ye’ve goat a heid oan ye like a stair-heid.’
‘The gemme’s a bogie.’
‘Yer cruisin’ fur a bruisin’.’
‘Ah’m that hungry ah could eat a scabbie-heided horse.’
‘Castor oil cures everythin’ but a widden leg.’
‘Wan minute yer a peacock an’ the next yer a feather duster.’
‘Yer talkin’ mince withoot a tattie in sight.’
‘Lang may yer lum reek, an’ may a wee moose never leave yer kitchen press wi’ a tear in its ee.’
‘Yer herr’s mingin’, hingin’ an’ clingin’.’

From the infallible wisdom of the Glesca Granny, to the hilarious patter of larger-than-life conductress Big Aggie MacDonald, Allan Morrison has a sharp eye and a silver tongue when it comes to observational humour.SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY on Haud Ma Chips, Ah’ve Drapped the Wean!

'Eh hud meh ehe on a peh' - The best of the best of those mouthwatering Dundee sayings

Dundonians have a defining, distinctive way of expressing themselves and communicating feelings. The ancient city’s characteristic accent can be heard in any Lochee bar or Hilltoon playground, or on any bus – where Dundee grannies have extraordinary ‘Eh?’ ‘Eh!’ nodding conversations. And to the trained ear they make perfect sense!

Goad, Eh’ve ait some pehs in meh time! 
Goodness, I’ve eaten some pies in my time!

Goota m’sicht. 
Perhaps you would consider going away?

Yer as yaiseless as a pile of snottirz. 
I don’t think you’ve got the hang of this.

A brah day fur pittin oot the washin’ on the greenie poles an’ puhllashees. 
Wash day.

Yir jecket’s on a shoogly nail. 
You are on your final warning.

Yir a lang time deid. 
Lighten up. Enjoy life while you can.

Perfect for locals and visitors to Dundee alike, Dundonians will no doubt recognise themselves in these phrases while tourists will have a memento to treasure.