Beautiful Books Collection

Beautiful Books Collection

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The Fashion Annual by Lynne Coleman, hardback (ISBN: 9781912147717)

St Kilda: The Silent Islands by Alex Boyd, hardback (ISBN: 9781910745649)

Paolozzi at Large in Edinburgh by Christine De Luca and Carlo Pirozzi, paperback (ISBN: 9781912147885)

Facing the Nation: The Portraiture of Alexander Moffat by Bill Hare, hardback (ISBN: 9781912147359)

Drawn to the Edge: A Lewis & Harris Sketchbook by Anthony Barber, paperback (ISBN: 9781912147632)

Scotland the Dreich by Alan McCredie, paperback (ISBN: 9781910745823)

The History of Art in 100 Limericks, Vol. 1 by Angus Reid, hardback (ISBN: 9781910745656)

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