Women of the Highlands

Women of the Highlands


Katharine Stewart

ISBN: 9781906817923

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

What was the crime of the last wich burnt in the Highlands?
Which Jacobite lady led men to war while her Hanoverian husband stayed at home?
Who were the first Highland women to be recorded in history?
And how have wome's lives changed since medieval times?

Katharine Stewart takes us to the heart of the Highlands in her history of the women who shaped this land and handed down the legends which have provided a rich vein of material for generations. From the women of the shielings to ladies at court, from bards to conservationists, authors to folk-singers, Women of the Highlands examines how the culture of the Highlands was created and passed down through the centuries, and how the tradition is continuing today.


This author has presented a wonderfully rich tapestry, full of colour and variety, a welcome addition to books on Highland culture.   Scots Magazine

From such a comprehensive authority on the subject, her range is impressively broad.   Scotland in Trust

A book which not only celebrates unsung heroes, but encorages the heiresses of Highland culture to contribute to the legacy passed down to them.   Stornoway Gazette

Katharine Stewart's latest book has the authority of being part of the living tradition it describes.   Margaret Elphinstone