Tobermory Teuchter

Tobermory Teuchter


Peter MacNab

ISBN: 9780946487417

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Back cover text:

tobermory: tobar mhoire - well of Mary - site of an early Christian settlement on the Isle of Mull, the vibrant and picturesque town in whose bay a galleon of the Spanish Armada sank, said to be carrying untold treasures which have yet to be recovered.

teuchter: disparaging or contemptuous term for a Highlander, esp a Gaelic speaker or anyone from the north.

Peter MacNab was reared on Mull, as was his father, and his grandfather before him. In this book he provides a revealing account of life on Mull during the first quarter of the 20th century, focusing especially on the years of World War 1. This enthralling social history of the island is set against Peter MacNab's early years as son of the governor of Mull Poorhouse, one of the last in the Hebrides, and is illustrated throughout by photographs from his exceptional collection. Peter MacNab's 'fisherman's yarns' and other personal reminiscences are told delightfully by a born storyteller.

This latest work from the author of a number of books about the island, including the standard study of Mull and Iona, reveals his unparalleled knowledge of, and deep felling for, Mull and its people. Despite his long career with the Clydesdale Bank, first in Tobermory and later on the mainland, Peter, now 94, remains a teuchter at heart, proud of his island heritage.