Self-help for the 21st Century

Self-help for the 21st Century


Malcolm Good

ISBN: 9781906307585

Binding: hardback

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About this book:

Samuel Smiles' groundbreaking work "Self-Help" published in 1859 encouraged people to believe that they could do anything that they determined to do. But living in the modern world is sometimes not that easy. "Self-Help for the 21st Century" updates the concepts revealed in "Self-Help" making them relevant for our lives today. Aware of the cliche of self-improvement guides "Self-Help for the 21st Century" avoids doctrine or arbitrary rules. Instead editor Malcolm Good has garnered the opinions of leading figures, particularly Scots or those with a strong Scottish association, from all walks of life. From racing driver Jackie Stewart, artist Calum Colvin and maverick yachtsman Chay Blyth to lawyers, politicians, mathematicians, engineers, historians and philosophers their contributions describe what worked for them and provide their insight. Topics discussed include nature and nurture, ambition, knowledge and values. More than a self-help book "Self-Help for the 21st Century" offers opinion, social commentary and biography.