Rooted in Scotland

Rooted in Scotland


Getting to the Heart of Your Scottish Heritage

Cameron Taylor

ISBN: 9781908373311

Binding: paperback

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About this book:

It can be a confusing business, tracing one's ancestors. Many people get lost or discouraged poking through dusty archives or seeing an error message popping up on the computer screen yet again. This book is a user's guide to ancestor-hunting, picking out the best websites, archives and libraries to start from, and generally demystifying the trail. Cameron Taylor believes that the search for one's ancestors helps you to work out who you really are, and this book provides a great starting point to uncovering your past.


Perhaps that strong sense of Scottishness makes it easier, but fundamentally this book is a plea for restoring the role of emotion and imagination into all out dusty enquiries, and its warmth is inspiring.   Your Family Tree