It Started in a Cupboard

It Started in a Cupboard


Adventures in Life, Learning and Happiness

Kenneth Calman

ISBN: 9781912147588

Binding: hardback

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Back cover text:

Everyone always says that I’m the spitting image of my father and that’s always been a great compliment. After reading the story of his life – and I’m sure I speak for my brother and sister – we are all even more proud to call him our Dad. SUSAN CALMAN

Sir Kenneth Calman’s extraordinary life story is based on a passionate love of learning – and it all began with him doing his homework by candlelight in a cupboard of his mum’s Glasgow council house. He went on to be at the forefront of three different medical revolutions – oncology, palliative care and the use of the arts in medical education – and to help guide the country through the BSE/VCJD health crisis. As Scotland’s and then England’s Chief Medical Officer the reforms he pushed through saved many lives by improving both cancer care and the training of doctors.

Few people know as much about learning, laughter, health and happiness – or, come to that, sundials, beagles, cathedrals and cartoons. And few people have touched so many lives, especially those of the seriously ill and dying, with quite as much grace, humour and humanity.

Quote from the author:

Throughout this book I have set out some of the issues and events which have shaped me, mentioned some of the people who have most influenced me, tried to understand some of my characteristics and values, and why I have been happy. But do I feel I have had a purpose in life? I have had lots of opportunities presented to me, often with associated risks, and I have taken them. These wee adventures have been the story behind this book. My motto is Cum Scientia Succurro (‘Through knowledge I help others’). This has been the guiding path to happiness throughout my adult life. Using knowledge and skill, the world can be made a better place, and this is what I have tried to do.