I Ran With The Gang

I Ran With The Gang


My Life In and Out of the Bay City Rollers

Alan Longmuir with Martin Knight

ISBN: 9781912147755

Binding: hardback

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The Bay City Rollers were one of the brightest things to happen in the tumultuous 1970s, illuminating a dark decade marred by falling stock markets, a plummeting economy and industrial unrest. Alan Longmuir, an apprentice plumber from Edinburgh, was inspired by The Beatles to form a band. After enlisting his brother and throwing a dart at a map, they became the Bay City Rollers.

In I Ran with the Gang, Alan recounts his incredible journey from the Dalry backstreets to the Hollywood hills and back again. Along the way, he punctures some of the myths and untruths that have swirled around the group, and unflinchingly tells of the acrimony and exploitation that led to the disintegration of the band. Most of all, though, Alan captures the great adventure of five young boys from Edinburgh who for a few heady years threatened to turn the whole world tartan.


Almost impossible to put down, this is a highly refreshing music business memoir, devoid of dirt-dishing, upbeat in the face of negativity, and inspiring in its positivity. Peter Mason, Morning Star

A riveting inside track on life in the Rollers. Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman