Be Silent or Be Killed

Be Silent or Be Killed


Roger Hunt

ISBN: 9781906817763

Binding: paperback

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On 26 November 2008, India came under a series of horrific terrorist attacks which killed more than 150 people, and injured hundreds more. Scottish banker Roger Hunt was staying at the Oberoi Trident Hotel in Mumbai and found himself caught up in the siege. Trapped in his hotel room, defenceless against the suicidal terrorists killing people in cold blood, Roger was forced to rely on his instinct.

This account of a terrifying ordeal is at once poignant, gripping and captivating in its raw, honest narration of an ordinary man thrown into the path of danger and pushed to the limit in his struggle for survival.


Roger Hunt had just finished dinner in Mumbai's five-star Oberoi Hotel when a waitress tried tempting him with the desserts on offer. But he decided against another course. It was the first of a series of decisions that would save his life, as the restaurant was strafed with machine gun fire just a few minutes later.  Daily Record

Table of contents:

My Own Mumbai Horror
Finding My Anchor
Losing a Brother at Sea
Upwardly Mobile
Return to India
A Grand Arrival
An Indian Wedding
Lifesaving Birthday Cake
Murderous Mumbai
The Lobby of Death
Survival Tactics
HQ Kicks into Action
Phoning Home
Slaughter at My Door
Dead or Alive? 
Stalked by Fear
Back in Touch
Caught in a Gun Battle
Life or Death at Gunpoint
The Acrid Taste of Freedom
Family Reunion