A Dirty Swindle

A Dirty Swindle

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True Stories of Scots in the Great War

Walter Stephen

ISBN: hardback - 9781910745137; paperback - 9781910745991

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Back cover text:

Walter Stephen provides an uninhibited look at the misery and toil of World War I through a collection of twelve stories. Providing a Scottish perspective, he takes a look at reports from home and abroad with scepticism, delving deeper to unveil the unencumbered truth.

Recalling Siegfried Sassoon’s words, Stephen reveals the failures of those in command as the Great War became known as A Dirty Swindle. The varied accounts chronicle the progress of troops from recruitment to training to the frontline, as well as revealing a side of Field Marshal Haig never seen before.

Table of contents:

Acknowledgements 9
Introduction True Stories 11
Chapter 1 A Peace Warrior and His Family in the Great War 27
Chapter 2 Out of the Frying Pan 78
Chapter 3 Dark Lochnagar 85
Chapter 4 The First Hundred Thousand 90
Chapter 5 McCrae’s Battalion – Eponymous or Anonymous? 102 Chapter 6 The War Poets in the Eye of the Storm 125
Chapter 7 Memento Mori 144
Chapter 8 Their Name Liveth 154
Chapter 9 Observe the Sons of Ulster 160
Chapter 10 The Scottish National War Memorial 168
Chapter 11 ‘God bless the Kaiser!’ 174
Chapter 12 Andra and the Field-Marshal 178
Bibliographical Note 187