St Kilda

St Kilda

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The Silent Islands

Alex Boyd

Shortlisted for the Saltire Society First Book Award 2018

ISBN: hardback - 9781910745649; paperback - 9781913025229

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Expected release, June 2019

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About this book:

Using a ‘battered medium format camera’ once belonging to Fay Goodwin, Alex Boyd captures the archipelago of St Kilda in a new light, from a 21st century perspective. From the crumbling Cold War military base to the wild beauty of the natural landscape, this collection of photographs is both an ode to the history of the islands and an insight into the modern day lives of those who live and work on St Kilda today.


Alex Boyd's images represent a major addition to the tradition of modern landscape photography. Robert MacFarlane

Alex Boyd captures the natural beauty magnificently, while his studies of radar stations and other signs of the islands' military presence, reveal another side to this captivating place. The Royal Photographic Society

Alex Boyd is not afraid to document the scars, military buildings and radar domes scattered around St Kilda, but he balances this out with images of the archipelago’s astonishing natural beauty. AP Magazine

Alex Boyd’s St Kilda: The Silent Islands is a thought-provoking, “warts and all” portrait of the archipelago which pays as much attention to the islands’ brutalist military installations as it does to their precipitous cliffs and to the picturesque abandoned houses at Village Bay. Roger Cox, The Scotsman