A Graphic History

Jeff Fallow

ISBN: 9781908373120

Binding: paperback

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Back cover text:

How did Scotland get to be what it is today?

A land of kilts, coos and whisky. A picturesque country of jagged peaks, mysterious glens and bottomless lochs.

There is much more to Scotland than the tartan-wrapped clichés which blur its proud and turbulent history.

Jeff Fallow begins with Scotland’s prehistoric origins south of the equator and covers everything from dinosaurs to David Cameron in this persuasive presentation of Scotland’s rich culture and history. This book dispels outworn romantic myths and takes you on a striking visual journey through Scotland’s history.

Whatever your view on Scotland’s future within or outwith the Union, Scotland: A Graphic History is essential reading for teachers, pupils, visitors and anyone with an interest in Scotland’s past, present and future.