Annie Miller

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Annie Miller was born in England to a Scottish father. She is very proud of her Scottish heritage, and has lived in Scotland since 1969. Though she is now retired, she spent over 20 years lecturing in the Department of Economics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and during that time co-edited A Modern Guide to Economic Thought: an introduction to Comparative Schools of Thought in Economics. Through her long career, Miller has dedicated much of her time and research to Basic Income (also known as Citizen’s Income), becoming an expert in the field. She has presented papers on the issue at eight of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)’s biannual congresses, including ones in Barcelona, Munich and Montreal. She also co-founded in 1984 the Basic Income Research Group, now the Citizen’s Income Trust (CIT), of which she has been Chair since 2001. As recently as 2014 Miller was a keynote speaker at a round-table discussion in the Scottish Parliament on BI. Miller lives in Edinburgh.

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