Anne Pia

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Anne Pia is based in Edinburgh. Born in the city, as the grandchild of Italian immigrants she was raised surrounded by the food, traditions and dialect of southern Italy. Her Italian grandmother was a major influence, whose sense of style, love of food and wise views of life Anne has passed on to her daughters – Camilla, Roberta and Sophie-Louise.

A language graduate and former teacher with a recent Doctorate in Education (2008), Anne has been published in the Times Educational Supplement, the Scottish Educational Review and in various other professional and academic journals. As a government official and HM Inspector, she has been responsible for national reports for a range of stakeholders on education in the adult learning world.

Her poetry has been published in Northwords Now, Poetry Scotland, New Voices Press, Lunar Poetry, The Fat Damsel and South Bank Poetry, and online in Far Off Places, Poet and Geek and Ink, Sweat & Tears. ‘Viticuso 1913 and 2005’ has been translated into Italian. She plays the mandolin in the Edinburgh Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra and has played at poetry festivals around Scotland.

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