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Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson, The

The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson

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A puzzle to his friends and family in his lifetime, RLS still remains something of an enigma, even to Stevenson enthusiasts. Years of restless wandering led him to tropical Samoa, where he found not only well-being, but a release of the passionate potential that had been in him from his chilly beginnings in Edinburgh. This virtual paradise, however, was marred by the eccentric behaviour of his wife, Fanny Osbourne. In this book, John Cairney explores their relationship and other fascinating aspects of Stevenson's life.
Title The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson
Author John Cairney
ISBN 9781842820858
Binding Paperback
Author Bio Dr John Cairney lives in Auckland with his wife Alannah O'Sullivan, and together they form the Pennyfarthing Partnership. John returns to Scotland on a regular basis. He made his stage debut at the tender age of 17 and has been acting ever since. He has adapted Burns for theatrical productions for decades, and performed for radio, television, in film, on stage, in musicals, as well as producing video and audio recordings of the Bard. He has toured his one-man show and was awarded a PhD for his work on Stevenson. Previous titles include On The Trail of Robert Burns, Immortal Memories and The Luath Burns Companion.
Back Cover Text In The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson John Cairney offers an original perspective on Scotland’s finest writer of English prose, examining the intimate relationships in the fascinating life of Robert Louis Stevenson, and their often destructive effects on his personality and work.

During his many travels in search of health, Stevenson gathered not only a literary fame but also an extended family of hangers-on. Years of restless wandering led him finally to tropical Samoa, where he found wellbeing and a release of the passionate potential that had been in him from his chilly beginnings in Edinburgh. But as he came into his own as a writer, his wife, Fanny Osbourne, retreated into paranoia and eccentric behaviour and lost him his final chance to find real happiness. A compelling read, The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson sheds new light on the complicated life of the man behind the famous stories – Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Kidnapped.
Reviews John Cairney gets better by the book. – Prof Alistair Knight

This is a highly-individual look at RLS’s life, told with the passion of someone who recognises in Stevenson a fellow spirit. – Scots Magazine May 2004

This book opens up the complex life of Stevenson and offers a different perspective on the man and his work. – Words: The Stevenson Edition

…very accessible biography of the author and his retinue. – The Herald

Fifty plus years as an actor, especially in solo theatre, has enabled the author to get to the heart of his subject, exploring the many attributes and emotions of this often elusive man. – The Scots Magazine
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Grit and Grace 1

Capter 2 A Daft-like Laddie 13

Chapter 3 Love, What is Love? 27

Chapter 4 The Reluctant Advocate 43

Chapter 5 The Illogical Adventure 59

Chapter 6 A Steady Determination 71

Chapter 7 Marriage in extremis 79

Chapter 8 Child of Air 89

Chapter 9 A Shilling Shocker 103

Chapter 10 Divided Loyalties 113

Chapter 11 Such Beautiful Scenes 125

Chapter 12 A Very Meaningful Relationship 137

Chapter 13 The Breakthrough 149

Chapter 14 The Speaking Chief 159

Chapter 15 Less Afraid of a Petticoat 167

Chapter 16 Against the Tide 173

Postscript 187

A Stevenson Chronology 193

Bibliography 201

BIC Subject Biography: historical, political & military
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