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ScotlandsFest 2017


21-25 August
1.45pm • 3.30pm • 5.15pm 
Venue 40 • Quaker Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2ND

Scotland’s desire to move forward poses big questions. How do we ‘think global, act local’ in an interdependent world? Can Scotland’s history, visual arts and story heritage act as a crucible of creative change? What are the global connections that will enrich development? For big thinking in a small country, join Luath livewires at different sessions each afternoon for sparky talks, flytings, debate, discussion and soapbox slots. Discover how Scotland's national conversation today is forging the Scotland of tomorrow. Expect the unexpected.

Week Pass: A week pass entitles the ticket holder to attend all 15 events throughout ScotlandsFest 2017.

Day Pass: A day pass entitles the ticket holder to attend all 3 events on the day they have chosen.

The full programme for ScotlandsFest 2017 can be found below.

Monday 21 August 2017

1.45pm-3pm: Arts and the Nation: International Perspectives

In a swiftly changing political landscape, what is the role of the arts in Scotland? Sandy Moffat and Alan Riach, authors of Arts and the Nation, in conversation with artist Richard Demarco.

3.30pm-4.45pm: Money for Nothing? The Nuts and Bolts of Basic Income

Scotland is preparing to take control of part of its welfare system for the first time and a universal basic income scheme is one approach on the table. But is it really workable? Annie Miller, author of A Basic Income Handbook, outlines the benefits for us all.

5.15pm-6.30pm: Jacobite Women in Historical Fiction

From Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series to his own new historical romance, Flora McIvor, author and storyteller Donald Smith takes a look at the rising trend in Jacobite historical fiction, and its potential resonance for the present day.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

1.45pm-3pm: Women Writing Scotland

Finding a voice and making it heard – the experience of three Scottish writers. Conversation and poems. With Anne Pia, Magi Gibson and Bashabi Fraser.

3.30pm-4.45pm: Show and Tell

Magi Gibson packs political punch into many of the poems in her latest collection, Washing Hugh MacDiarmid’s Socks, while Greg Moodie takes the visual route to satiric political commentary in his regular contributions to The National. They discuss the medium and the message.

5.15pm-6.30pm: Hope for the Many

MSP Neil Findlay, author of the forthcoming Socialism and Hope, in which he envisions a society transformed through a revitalised labour movement, in conversation with poet Alistair Findlay, editor of Lenin’s Gramophone, an anthology of socialist poems.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

1.45pm-3pm: Bite the Brexit Bullet?

Gerry Hassan and Russell Gunson, editors of Scotland, the UK and Brexit, debate the inevitability or otherwise of Brexit and ask what’s next for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

3.30pm-4.45pm: Messages from History

Leading historian Owen Dudley Edwards, whose forthcoming book Nations and Nationalism looks to the past to inform visions of the future, discusses what might be on the horizon for Scotland.

5.15pm-6.30pm: Writing Place and People

Sharing their understanding of what it takes to write about place and people, in fact and fiction, three writers with very different experiences of home and belonging – Bashabi Fraser, Hugh McMillan and Anne Pia.

Thursday 24 August 2017

1.45pm-3pm: Myth and Legend in Edinburgh’s Wild Spaces

Go behind the public face of the city to encounter its wild and mysterious heart with Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith, authors of Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat, books in the Journeys and Evocations series.

3.30pm-4.45pm: Is the Honeymoon Over: SNP Government Ten Years On

A timely, sharp-eyed review of the SNP’s first decade in power with Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrow, editors of A Nation Changed?.

5.15pm-6.30pm: Scotland: The Wey Forrit

Can we break free from Westminster and the Brexit bourroch? A guid keek at the way ahead for the nation with Stuart McHardy, author of the sparky polemic in Scots, The Wey Forrit.

Friday 25 August 2017

1.45pm-3pm: Nature Cure Workshop

Most of us know that the modern world is making us sick, but what can we do about it? With naturopath Joanna Thomson, author of Live Well Eat Well Be Well, who advocates healthy living, mindfulness and clean eating as the antidote to the stresses of life.

3.30pm-4.45pm: Let’s take Back Control

Is a Brexit bypass possible?What can we learn from our Nordic neighbours? Can we escape the clutches of a dysfunctional Westminster? Lesley Riddoch, author of Blossom and McSmorgasbord, challenges you to rethink your views on Brexit and Independence.

5.15pm-6.30pm: Writing Wrongs

Poet and NHS whistleblower Rab Wilson, author of Zero Hours, discusses taking on the state to achieve social justice with Daniel Donaldson of Legal Spark, Scotland’s only Social Enterprise law firm, specialising in challenging government decisions through the courts.

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