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Scotland: The Growing Divide: Old Nations, New Ideas

Scotland The Growing Divide

Old Nation, New Ideas

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Scotland: The Growing Divide is the follow-up to Scotland: The Road Divides, which was released in 2007 to significant media interest across the UK. A book ahead of its time, several of the conclusions and predictions in The Road Divides have now become a political reality.
Five years on, and now facing a referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014, the authors focus on the changing face of politics and what that means for both Scotland and the UK. With a thorough discussion of the arguments reaching several provocative conclusions, this is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the future of this country.
Title Scotland The Growing Divide
Subtitle Old Nation, New Ideas
Author Henry McLeish, edited by Tom Brown
ISBN 9781908373458
eISBN 9781909912267
Binding Paperback
Author Bio RT HON HENRY McLEISH began his political career in local government in 1974, and was leader of Fife Regional Council for five years. He was elected as an MP in 1987 and became Minister for Devolution and Home Affairs from 1997 to 1999. In the first Scottish Parliament he was Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning from 1999, and in 2000 he became First Minister of Scotland until 2001. Resigning from politics in 2003, he is now an adviser and lectures internationally on a variety of topics. He frequently appears on TV and radio, and is interviewed for various newspapers and magazines.
TOM BROWN is one of Scotland’s most respected and experienced political commentators. A former Fleet Street journalist, he was political editor of the Daily Record. He now writes a weekly column for Scotland on Sunday, contributes to a number of newspapers and broadcasts regularly. He has also written books on political biographyand football.
Back Cover Text Is there a growing divide between Holyrood and Westminster? What does this mean for the people of Scotland, and for England?

‘Scotland makes a huge contribution to the United Kingdom: culturally, economically and through the numerous Scots who have led the UK in the fields of politics, business, academia and sport…The Coalition Government is firmly committed to Scotland’s ongoing place in the UK.’ UK Consultation Paper 2012 ‘Scotland’s Consitutional Future’

‘This paper provides a vision of the further opportunities for Scotland if the Scottish Parliament's responsibilities were extended in order to allow for independence.’ Scottish Government White Paper 2009 ‘Your Scotland, Your Voice: A National Conversation’

In 2007, Scotland: The Road Divides posed a provocative political question:

Had the SNP victory at Holyrood changed forever the mindset of Scottish politics?

As a Scottish Independence referendum fast approaches, Scotland: The Growing Divide returns to answer this question and more with a hard-hitting, incisive and informed look at where the devolution journey has taken us – from the heady days of the new Blair government in 1997 to the Independence referendum in 2014. It poses new questions about the issues facing Scottish politics:

How has devolution altered Scotland’s national perception of itself? Is there a fusion of identity and nationality politics with traditional politics and priorities taking place in Scotland? Is this creating a serious realignment of political thinking and ideas and the possible demise of the old politics of both the UK and Scotland?

Arguing that the Union must adapt to survive, former First Minister Henry McLeish contends that the devolution referendum paved the way for a bold new constitutional settlement. A contentious and pertinent commentary, this book maintains that many politicians have yet to come to terms with these dramatic changes and do not appear to understand the ‘new politics’, or the new Union.


As a response to the ‘national conversation’ initiated by Salmond this is an important book, and coming from a former Labour heavyweight it is, in its way, remarkable. It virtually concedes that the party that has dominated Scottish politics for the past 30 years, has lost its way, and that the old ideologies no longer count. THE TIMES
[McLeish] has emerged as an advocate of a much bolder approach to devolution than many in his party seem ready for. EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS
They are particularly scathing of Westminster’s response to the debate… The authors note that the initial response was to point out that Westminster could take back powers from Holyrood. THE HERALD
Table of Contents chapter 1 Westminster, we have a Problem
chapter 2 The Road to Home Rule
chapter 3 Referendum 1997, Looking Back
chapter 4 Scotland’s Political Parties
chapter 5 Making Sense of Our Politics, Democracy and Government
chapter 6 The State of the Union
chapter 7 Date with Destiny, 2014
chapter 8 The Battle for Scotland
chapter 9 Powers and the People
chapter 10 The English Question
chapter 11 The Mood of a Nation: Scotland a Split Personality
chapter 12 The Soul of a Nation: Enriching the Debate
chapter 13 Old Nation, New Ideas: the Unionist Challenge
chapter 14 The Vision, the Alternative and the Second Question
chapter 15 The Growing Divide
chapter 16 Rethinking the Union; Building a Better Scotland
BIC Subject Politics & government
BISAC Subject POLITICAL SCIENCE / Commentary & Opinion
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