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Pilgrim of Slaughter

Pilgrim of Slaughter

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On the eve of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, a series of gory murders are discovered by investigative advocate John MacKenzie and his assistant Davie Scougall. Drawn into a world of Papist plots, Presbyterian secret societies and religious and political upheaval, the pair follow a trail of clues left by a murderous, self-proclaimed ‘Messenger of God’.

Title Pilgrim of Slaughter
Author Douglas Watt
ISBN 9781910021996
eISBN 9781910324547
Binding Paperback
Author Bio Douglas Watt is an historian, poet and novelist. He is the author of The Price of Scotland: Darien, Union and the Wealth of Nations (2007), a well-received history of the Darien Disaster and Parliamen-tary Union between Scotland and England, which won the Hume Brown Senior Prize in Scottish History in 2008. Douglas Watt has also contributed opinion pieces to the Scotsman on financial, historical and political subjects. He lives in Linlithgow with his wife Julie and their three children.
Back Cover Text

I fear that everything is pre-ordained, sir. There’s nothing we can do to change the course of events. The killer’s actions are predetermined. We’re all being slaughtered one by one.

Scotland, 1688. A nation bitterly divided by religion and politics where the King’s pro-Catholic policies have unleashed the sectarian hatred of extreme Protestants. Edinburgh is a powder-keg, packed with plotters planning revolution. The mob is on the High Street each night burning effigies of the Pope and causing mayhem.

When a nobleman is assassinated by a Catholic fanatic, Protestant anger reaches fever pitch. Investigative advocate John MacKenzie and his assistant Davie Scougall must investigate the killing, but their relationship is tested like never before when they find themselves on opposing sides of the political divide.

To make matters worse, a killer is stalking the stinking streets. A disciple of revolution. A butcher in the name of God. A pilgrim of slaughter.

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