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Out of the Mouth of the Morning

Out of the Mouth of the Morning

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The ancient Celtic lands of Erin and Alba, Ireland and Scotland, are rich in myth, legend, folklore and the tradition of oral storytelling. From stories of the fearless Fianna, to enticing tales of saints and the bewitching legends of faerie folk, this magical book brings together ancient with contemporary stories to create a rich legacy of tales, given a history perspective by editor Linda Williamson. Legends of the overwhelming power of love, faith and passion stand alongside adventures of cunning and bravery. Myths that explore Scottish history and heritage are contrasted with quirky comic tales of magic and mischief. Collected by a master storyteller 'Out of the Mouth of the Morning' captures the excitement of hearing a story performed.
Title Out of the Mouth of the Morning
Author David Campbell
ISBN 9781906307936
Binding Paperback
Author Bio David Campbell was born in Edinburgh and spent his childhood in the story, and song, rich North-East of Scotland where he gained a lifelong passion for the poetry and power of the word. He graduated with honours in English from the University of Edinburgh. He worked in BBC Scotland for many years devising, scripting and directing a wide variety of radio programmes. He has also reviewed books and drama extensively in the Scottish press and published poems and short stories in Scottish literary magazines such as Chapman, Words and Textualities. He co-wrote a children?s book The Three Donalds (Scottish Children?s Press), wrote two collections of stories (St Andrews Press) and is at present working on a literary ceilidh of the great traveller Duncan Williamson. As a popular ambassador of Scottish lore and literature, he has toured extensively with his repertoire of talks and stories. He currently lives in Edinburgh.
Back Cover Text How did the warlords of the Celtic Kingdoms combine ferocity with compassion? Why did the druids lose their sacred power? What is the dark origin of the fairy folk? The Celtic lands of Scotland and Ireland carry a rich heritage of legend and lore: myth comes to life in tales of feisty saints, elite warriors, poweful fairies and ordinary folk. Distilled by a master storyteller, Out of the Mouth of the Morning eloquently unfolds these tales for our times. They are a reminder of our primal relationship with the land and the connectedness of all things. The author skilfully traces the carrying stream of Celtic consciousness from its origins in ancient landscapres and tongues, to the men, women and stories of today. Deftly weaving the ancient with the modern, he illustrates the essential nature of the folklore of the Celts in today's Scotland. This book is an invitation to savour the essence of ancient peoples linked into a communal spirit by legends, and to retell the tales of the Celt.
BIC Subject Folklore, myths & legends
BISAC Subject SOCIAL SCIENCE / Folklore & Mythology
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